We are always happy to hear from our clients, here is what they have to say about us:

"I recently changed my accountant to Switch Accounting having previously worked with another firm of accountants over the past 13 years. My accounts were dealt with promptly and effectively by Switch and they provided me with a fast and cost effective service which I had failed to receive in the past. I was delighted to find that Switch produced my accounts within a week and they advised me that I should expect a substantial tax rebate, something very rare nowadays. I recommend Switch Accounting to anyone requiring accountancy services. It certainly does pay to Switch."

Gerorge Tutte, proprietor of George Tutte & Associates

"I made the decision to change my accountant earlier this year to Switch Accounting after hearing their advertisement on the local radio. It was definitely the right decision. The service I have received has been very professional and efficient, my accounts were produced in a matter of days and I have saved almost £800 in fees. The business year end and tax year end are now much less stressful, and much cheaper. I am delighted with the service I've received."

Mark Phillips, self-employed farrier, Winchester

"I had been with another accounting firm for a number of years when I heard the advertising for Switch Accounting. As they were offering fixed fees which were significantly lower than what it was costing me I arranged to meet them. I had suspected that my previous accountant had become rather indifferent with my file and this was confirmed when in the first year Switch Accounting saved me over £3,500 against my prior year tax bill. They also recommended that further tax savings were achievable if I converted my business from sole trading to a limited company which I duly did. I am pleased to have found an accountant who takes such a proactive interest in my business and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services."

Matthew North, Gauntlet Investigations Ltd.

"I have a small bathroom & kitchen installation business and have used Switch Accounting for the past two years, they have already saved me over £14,000, which for a small company is a massive amount. They are always friendly and happy to help no matter how small my question. I highly recommend them to any businesses like mine."

Jon Maher, ELM installations

"When my plumbing business got busy several years ago the paperwork got put on the back burner and the more letters I received from the Inland Revenue the more I buried my head. Eventually a colleague who was already using their services convinced me to go and see Switch Accounting. I was a bit worried (and embarrassed) about the state of my affairs but after the first meeting I knew I had made the right decision. They weren't critical of how bad the situation was and put together a positive plan of action. They contacted the Inland Revenue on my behalf and did an excellent job on producing the missing accounts and agreeing a payment plan with the tax office to clear the arrears."

Mick Daniels, MPD Heating & Gas Services.

"Switch Accounting did an excellent job of clearing 4 years of overdue accounts. They were prompt, informative, and we believe there service was second to none."

Terry Cummins, South Coast Flat Roof Solutions.

"When I found myself under investigation from the Inland Revenue the help given to me by Switch Accounting was invaluable. They did a great job of fighting my corner and it was reassuring to find a firm of accountants that is very much on your side. I doubt very much if I would still be trading were it not for the call that I made to Switch Accounting."

Chris Salmon, Excel Consulting

"We made the right decision to move to Switch Accounting since our previous accountant had let us down and had given poor advice. Having had tax problems and arrears finding an extremely efficient accountant who cares and works for the client was a breathe of fresh air and relief.... From the first meeting with Jonathan it was crystal clear he was someone who really makes things happen and gets the job done. He immediately engaged in setting up payment arrangements with HMRC, talked in depth about our tax queries and gave constructive advice in how to help get our company back on track. Nothing has been too much trouble. Jonathan Brothers has been invaluable to us and our company the efficient service provided and our special thanks also to Sam. We would and do recommend the services of Switch Accounting."

D & L Cassidy Zanshin Consultancy Ltd

"We began our working relationship with Switch accounting while in the early stages of our business, after a recommendation from a family member. The visits to our home in Gosport provided us with such valuable help, support and advice. They set up spreadsheets for us to input our accounts which could then be emailed to them for submitting to the Tax office. I would never again underestimate the value of having an Accountant on board. I think we owe much of the smooth running of the business to Switch Accounting"

Beki Hull, Transportacar

"Amazing service and value for money. Why did we pay so much for so long to another accountant?"

Dr L Russell, Maxwell Vernon Ltd.

"Although we were happy with our existing accountant we felt we always had to do the running around and that they lacked a modern approach to things. In April this year we recruited a bookkeeper, purchased Sage, and moved to Switch Accounting. They guided us through our Sage installation, and continue to support us day to day. We are very happy to recommend Switch Accounting for their reliability, trustworthiness, knowledge and on-going accountancy support.”

Paola James, Vodex Ltd

"As the owner of group of property development companies I was conscious that I was paying a significant sum of money in accounting fees each year when I was already employing a bookkeeper to take care of most of the work. We heard the rates advertised for Switch Accounting, met with them at their Southampton offices and decided to make the change.

We are now coming into our third year as a client and in addition to the amount they saved me in fees I have been impressed with how quickly the accounts are produced and with how little fuss. If you feel like your current accountant is over complicating matters just so they can justify racking up the fees, then I highly recommend looking at what Switch Accounting have to offer"

Jonathan Fay, Fay & Son Ltd

"I originally heard about Switch Accounting through advertising on the local radio. As I was in the process of looking for a new accountant for our small hair & beauty business I made contact and arranged a meeting.

They arranged a time and date that was convenient, and were happy to meet at my house outside of normal working hours. They took the time to understand our business and how it was currently run.

Their initial thoughts were that we were not necessarily as tax efficient as we could be and took the time to explain the difference and benefits of becoming a limited company rather than a partnership.

They explained the advantages in a simple and easy to understand way and were obviously very knowledgeable and approachable which is very important when you are dealing with a subject that can be very confusing.

They completed all of the necessary paper work to ensure that the company was correctly registered and liaised with our bank regarding the information they required, and did not invoice us for the time that it took.

They have been our accountants now for almost 3 years and in this time their advice and support has been outstanding. We have reduced our tax liability considerably and they are always on hand for any questions/ queries and advice.”

Yvette Smith, Jangles Hair & Beau Beauty Ltd

"Moving to Switch Accounting from my previous accountant was an inspirational move. Not only was I able to achieve significant tax savings as a direct result of Switch’s advice but also quickly realised that they could respond to my email queries on complex tax issues both promptly and with authority. I am grateful on a daily basis that I made the ‘Switch’.”

Dr I Gilchrist, Learning Organisation UK Ltd.

"I was extremely pleased with the way Switch Accounting helped to set up my Limited Company. They made the whole process very easy and structured everything appropriately for the type of contacting work I do. I continue to be completely satisfied with the work they do for me and would certainly recommend them to others.”

Marek Pilatowski, MTP CAD Services Ltd

"As a Company with Directors working in 3 different countries, the support provided by Switch in the financial and accounting side of our business has been invaluable and has allowed us to concentrate on growing our business. They are proactive in making us aware of opportunities for financial planning and cost reduction when they arise. The team are always responsive and their technical knowledge always excellent”

Jose Segade-Hermida, The RES Forum Ltd.

"We moved to Switch Accounting in August 2011 having been with a previous firm for a number of years. I have been impressed how quickly the annual accounts have been produced and also the knowledge they have shown when my staff have requested support with our Sage system.

They have responded quickly to other ad-hoc queries on VAT and personal tax issues that have come up during the year and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to other local businesses.”

Eddie Schofield, Schofield Groundworks Ltd.

"I started my business in April 2011 and needed an accurate cash flow projection to enable me to get a bank loan which Switch Accounting provided me with in a quick and efficient manner. Switch Accounting helped me set up Sage and even saved me money on the purchase of the required software by advising on a cheaper version which has proved more than adequate for our needs. Our first year end was carried out very painlessly in our own office and the final copies with us in days. I would have no hesitation to recommending Switch Accounting to any new business."

Paul Bell, Apollo Despatch

"Switch Accounting were excellent in assisting me with setting up the limited company and provided sound advice in respect of my accounting requirements as I moved into becoming a Sole Practitioner"

Robert Jupp, Maughan Mitchell Jupp Ltd.

"I first contacted Switch Accounting 2 years ago on a recommendation from a friend; I'd just recently begun working for international yacht racing teams on a self-employed basis. Since then I have always received excellent, straight forward advice and accounting services in timely cost effective manner. The nature of my job means I am overseas a great deal and despite this keeping on top of my expenses and tax liabilities has been an unbelievably stress free thanks to Switch Accounting. In the last few months the team have helped me overcome two fairly daunting hurdles- buying a house and setting up a limited company. Because of my time out of the country being accepted for a mortgage was far from straight forward, not only did Switch provide all the documentation required for the application at a moment's notice they put me in touch with an excellent local mortgage advisor. At the same time my business has grown sufficiently to justify creating a limited company- Switch offered clear advice on the cost and requirements of the whole process and managed the creation of Offshore Rigging Services Ltd in a very short time and reasonable cost. We will absolutely continue to work with Switch Accounting in the future and would not hesitate in recommending their services to anyone"

Scott Gray, Offshore Rigging Services Ltd

"Initially I decided to change accountants because their fees were significantly lower that what I was paying, but a year into our contract I must write to say that their service is considerably better also. I recently tendered for a new major customer and Switch were incredibly helpful in producing a cashflow forecast that I needed to provide at very short notice. I phoned on Friday, on Monday morning they came out to my office, and the final version was emailed to me Tuesday. One of the reasons I was awarded the contract was that the customer said I had much better financial control of my business than my competitors, and this can be credited to the Switch Accounting team. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a proactive accountant who will help your business grow."

Cathy Whistance, Dispatchit Couriers.

Tax planning for individuals:

"I have been very impressed by the work Switch Accounting did for me. Their communication was clear and polite throughout the process of them registering me for tax self-assessment and applying for tax refunds. Consequently, I have received a significant amount of the £8,000 I paid for my MSc back through two tax refunds over the past two years. I would highly recommend Jonathan to other professionals seeking to pay the right amount for their work expenses."

Ruth Biddlecombe, Health Professional

"I receive a taxable income through my role as foster carer and heard about Switch Accounting from a friend of mine. As my previous tax bill was high I went along to Switch and had a meeting where I found out that I was not claiming the qualifying care relief that HMRC make available to foster carers, and that this would substantially lower my tax bill. I decided to sign up with Switch and this year my tax bill was zero. I will be staying with Switch and have recommended them to many of my friends as the service is friendly and relaxed, and nothing is too much trouble for them to sort out"

Brian Pattimore, Foster Carer