11th November 2014

Last month we received the exciting news that Sam Blackford has passed his final chartered accountancy exams that he took back at the beginning of the summer.

This is the accumulation of 3 years hard work by Sam at Switch Accounting, who is now fully qualified member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants for England & Wales.

We received this note from Kevin Butler, Training Manager at the ICAEW, which I thought I’d share with my clients:

This is fantastic news and we would like to congratulate the excellent work that is being done by Jonathan at Switch Accounting. The training program that he has set up to give young people like Sam their first job in the accountancy profession is highly commendable. The average cost of supporting someone through the chartered process is in excess of £40,000, and requires the employer to release the student to attend college for up to 15 weeks each year. The time and financial commitment that Jonathan is making to his trainees is something that is seldom seen outside of the very large accounting firms. The support that Sam has received over his 3 years of studying have given him first rate business skills that will stand him in good stead for the rest of his career” A big thank you must also go to all of my clients because without your continued business it would not be possible for me to run my training programme. The trainees we took on over the summer will shortly begin their studies and we wish them the same success that Sam has achieved.

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